I was twelve years old when my German grandfather went into a photographic shop and came out with my very first camera. It was a simple fixed focus, fixed aperture point and shoot camera, but since that day photography, as well as travel, has been a constant thread that has run through my life. It was all black and white photography in the early years, and I spent a lot of my time in photographic darkrooms of one sort or another, learning to develop films and printing black and white prints. My first SLR was a Praktica 4, which was followed by a number of German-made SLRs. Colour came along in a big way and I started using Fujichrome Velvia and Kodachrome 25 and printing on Ilford Cibachrome. After a while, I moved on to 120 roll-film cameras - Bronica SQA and Mamiya C330. I was totally taken in by the saturated colours that the Velvia/Cibachrome combination gave me in the 120 roll-film format especially with regard to the travel photography. I went back to a 35mm SLR to document the family growing up and then along came the digital age, which I have totally embraced. My current camera is a Fujifilm X-T1 and my darkroom has been replaced by my Mac Adobe Lightroom.
The wonderful thing is that I am still learning in a big way.