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Created 13-Dec-13
34 photos

1000 Islands, St. Lawrence RiverDaniel McAllister tug boat, Montreal HarbourDisused Grain Silo, Montreal HarbourDisused Grain Silo, MontrealHarbour colour, MontrealBuildings of worship, downtown MontrealMontreal, Artists AlleyCap Sante, St Lawrence river, QuebecQuebec CitySt. Lawrence river, Quebec cityRoute 138 near Notre-Dame-des- Montes, QuebecRoute 362 heding into Saint-Irene, Quebec, St. Lawrence SeawayDeuxieme lac du Seminaire, Baie St Catherine, QuebecBaie St. Paul, QuebecBaie St. Paul, QuebecRoute 108 heading west out of Sainte-Catherine-de-Hartley, Eastern Townships, quebecNorth Hartley, Lake Massawipi, Eastern Townships, QuebecNorth Hartley, Lake Massawipi, Eastern Townships, QuebecCandy Store, North Hartley, Eastern Townships, QuebecEvening light, North Hartley, Eastern Townships, Quebec

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